We are Globally Trusted Company Certified from JAS-ANZ, WHO GMP, ISO 9001:2015, Organic, ECO CERT, GC or GC/MS Technologies, and Organic Farmers & Growers Association. We mainly export our products to USA, France, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, South Africa, Europe, & many other Countries.

About Us:-

India Aroma Oils and Company is an preeminent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of 100% Pure and Organic Natural Essential Oils, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils, Unadulterated, Organic Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Herbal Extract Oils, and Raw Materials. These oils are broadly used for Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Flavors, in Spa treatment centers, Fragrances, Perfumes, Perfumery Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and more. We procure the natural content from sustainable sources as well as from where the finest natural content is accessible. By processing the sourced content, our oils come from nature to shelf.

Every individual need scent to light him up mystically. Formulating aroma is a complicated unification of science and art. Our professionals exercise this unification of art and science to fulfill the prime prerequisite for sensory serenity. We do our optimal to obtain each and every product from biological growers and distillers, forming goods autonomous from chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Through our unremitting endeavors, our organization has fully-fledged to attain itself a place in the arena of essential oils, together with real solutions.

Our business is run by family that has specialized in the locating and supplying of pure and organic carrier oils, essential oils, and other correlated products since 2005.

Our Mission:

The mission of our organization has remained like providing natural, purest and finest items at competitive and genuine costs. Along with this, our mission is to attain global standards of merit regarding essential oils, diversified business and fragrance with concentration on client's satisfaction through value solutions and products, accession of loyalty for the clients and cost reduction.


From various areas of the world, our company has made association over the world as well as personal relationships with cultivators. Our company intricately comprehend that caliber of our products starts with nature's living plants. As a farmer and agriculture focused company, each process is centered towards supplying solutions that stimulate an affordable, healthy and safe product supply to every one of us.


The way in which our professional interact with them clearly shows the significance that we put on providing products as we consider each customer equal. A customer's unique requirements are thoughtfully taken and regarded when interacting with them.

Chief Countries:

With business evolving, our products are being highly demanded in other countries as well due to the composition level, quality, purity and many more factors. Below we have enlisted the main countries where our essential oils, certified organic essential oils, floral absolute, etc. range is supplied:

Switzerland, Thailand, U.S.A, France, Canada, China, South Africa, Australia.

Specifications and Analysis:

Every group is constrained to strict documentation controls and quality examination. This procedure has the flexibility to provide details or analysis that a customer may require. All culinary or infusion items are marketed with intact microbiological estimated, which is ordered by our company prior to the delivery and are Ochratoxin as well as Aflatoxin analysis.

Other Assessment Procedures that Are Performed as Wanted Are:

  • Liquid Products :
  • Essential Oils
    • Flashpoint Determination
    • Optical Rotation
    • Boiling Point
    • Refractive Index
    • GC Analysis
    • Mass Spectrometry
    • Relative Density
    • Extraction Method
  • Vegetable and Fixed Oils
    • Quantification of EPA, DHA, GLA, etc. as mg/g oil
    • Peroxide value
    • Saponification value
    • Unspecifiable matter content (total)
    • Acid value (free acid content)
    • Fatty acid profiles via gas chromatography
  • Hydrosol
    • Essential Oil Content
    • Microbiology

Team Work:

Specialized team institutes the strength of our corporation since our specialists work in harmonization among themselves while escalating one another for devotion and better execution. Built and keeps team works, with shared trust as the base of all working relationship.

Why Choose Us?

Dependably our corporation operate exclusive promotion on chosen items for limited time frames. This might be stranded on several reasons covering mass discounts that we checked with clearance or retailers discounts on stopped goods. Further, other details why clienteles should choose for us are stated in the following:

  • Superb Quality products
  • Timely & Safe delivery

Maintains the products' freshness, protection for endanger spices and safe natural resources We firmly believe that through professionalism, ethical practices and honesty, we can definitely make credible entity in the industry.

Our modified solutions are of most notable benchmarks in the corporate We safeguard outstanding values, cost effective goods to our customers based across numerous industries.


FedEx and DHL are our default worldwide courier shipping mediators. Our corporation takes no culpability of any delays, indemnities or losses that may occur. In the similar vein, our corporation ought to be knowledgeable should extra cover be wanted. Devoid of info, our company ship ordered item deprived of any indemnity. Generously note, your product will not lose its veracity and our transporters does not damage any product neither deliberately nor accidentally. Once your order is here, simple leave the packet as it is at usual temperature for complete day. Erstwhile, product rousing before application will be required to recuperate its consistency.

Alternative shipping approaches are accessible on request; though, we take no obligation for shipping that is settled by our customers. This comprises the following:

  • Customers using their own shipping account
  • Customers using their own courier
  • Customers arranging for a third party to facilitate shipping.

We are committed to sustain the same client centric attitude and try to enhance and improve your experience with us.

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