We are Globally Trusted Company Certified from JAS-ANZ, WHO GMP, ISO 9001:2015, Organic, ECO CERT, GC or GC/MS Technologies, and Organic Farmers & Growers Association. We mainly export our products to USA, France, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, South Africa, Europe, & many other Countries.

Research & Development:

Our Research & Development section continued their efforts to maintain close contact with new sources and with the market in general to remain aware of what is happening with regard to crop prices, shortages etc. It offers us some cautionary of when stream may be problematic and a aim to be extra vigilant.

  • Matching different botanical plants before taking them up for distillation
  • Verifying the authenticity of distillation processes
  • Verifying oils' characteristics through odour
  • Inspection of the farms and distilleries for purity and cleanliness
  • Testing the oils' purity through GC or GC/MS technologies

Quality Control:

  • Our products are shipped to the clienteles only after exciting Quality examination in our laboratory to satisfy their requirement of Quality product since we trust in quality service and our dictum is Customer Satisfaction.
  • We use only contractors whom we recognize well and have stay in/ audited and who are usually known to be consistent.
  • MSDS information can be got in the MSDS data library.
  • Every basic material is then focus to a detailed quality control examination. The precise constraints for QC examinations will differ from product to product grounded on the knowledge and safety held on a specified product or provider but regularly these examinations comprise compliance with the subsequent to attain positive issue of the goods.

    Organoleptic assessment (odour, presence, taste etc) as suitable.
    Visual evaluation (clarity, colour, foreign materials etc)
    Specific gravity (SG) )
    Optical rotation (OP)
    Refractive index (RI)
    Flash Point (FP)
    Solubility (usually in ethanol)
    & a full range of product specific tests.

We hope you will relish using our goods and if you have any additional questions please look in the "Additional Info" segment. If you still don't treasure the info you require then click on the "Contact Us" link and forward your enquiry to one our client service squad who will be content to contribution with any enquiries you may have.


INDIA AROMA OILS AND COMPANY "INDIA" maintains full product traceability throughout import, processing and export. Operating closely with makers, integrating certifying bodies measures and applying unique batch codes, we are gifted to promise batch veracity through every stage of the source chain.


With an unwavering obligation to offer the chief quality products, we determinedly believe Quality Declaration is of utmost standing. We uncompromisingly work towards enlightening our operations to cater and exceed the newest industry standards; The International Organization of Standardization (ISO 9001:2015 certification) is more validation of the rank we pay to Quality Control. We have got numerous certificates from time to time that has given acknowledgement to our devoted efforts to offer our patrons the outstanding products, which are enormously safe and pure. Certificates such as ISO 9001-2015, EOAI, etc that we have achieved is only because of our quality products, dedicated team of professionals and our customer satisfaction approach.

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