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Every human, despite the gender and age, wants to look good and presentable. The physical appearance of people keeps on changing as they age and with changing lifestyle. The consciousness about their looks drive people to do whatever it takes to maintain their beauty. Use of homemade products is not enough for this maintenance, therefore, the market is laden with beauty products as well as salons and spas. The demand for beauty products and treatments is on rise and this will continue to rise in coming years. This elevated demand proves that this business is extremely lucrative. The beauty industry requires thorough knowledge of all products and their effects, for instance, which oil or products works best on any particular skin type or other part of body. Any beauty product developed must enhance the beauty of face, hair or other body part, without causing any kind of side effect.

India is considered a land of natural beauty, where mother nature has preserved hundreds to thousands of plants and herbs, each beneficial in enhancing the human beauty, if used properly and intelligently. These natural herbs and plants are being used by human in the form of essential oils and a lot of beauty products. The beauty products are formulates to moisturize the skin, rejuvenate the skin as well as protect the skin from pollutants, ultraviolet rays, dust, infections and other skin ailments. Essential oils are considered far better than cheap chemicals for the production of cosmetics. These effective and result oriented organic essential oils are mainly used in Ayurveda for relaxing the mind, relieving the stress as well as healing skin problems. The essential oils can also be added to facial oils, massage oils, bath water, in homemade facials, homemade masks as well as mists.

The offered essential oils are ideal for making beauty products which help in healing physical and aesthetic undesirable conditions as well as fighting several skin ailments, such as acne, allergies, etc. Many essential oils, like Palmarosa, Rosewood and Geranium; to name a few, are widely used as a key ingredient in making many beauty products and cosmetics. Angelica Root Oil is best for reviving dull skin, while pure and rarely found Rose essential oil is helpful in rejuvenating the skin.

Many skincare and beauty products are available in market, which contain essential oils as main ingredients. Here, we have listed few essential oils that are used in the production of several beauty products:

Angelica Root Oil:- This oil works well on the dull skin and revives it naturally.
Balsam Oil :- This oil is mostly used in the production of soaps, lotions, creams and perfumes.
Basil Oil :- This oil is beneficial for skin, that is dull, tired and that lacks oxygen.
Benzoin Pure :- This non toxic, non-irritant oil is used in the making of aromatherapy products, soap, body lotions, bath oils, massage oils, perfume oils, diffusers, fragrance, etc.
Bergamot Mint Oil :- This emotionally uplifting and calming oil is mostly used in cosmetics and perfumery.
Bay Leaf :- This is used in making men's soaps, cosmetics and hair tonics helpful in controlling dandruff & promoting hair growth
Black Cumin Seed Oil :- This nutritive oil is good for treatment of dandruff, dry skin and skin diseases.
Bitter Orange Oil :- This essential oil is helpful in rejuvenating dull skin.
Bitter Almond Oil :- Being an effective moisturizer, this essential oil is used as a base for many cosmetics & skin care products.
Cinnamon Bark Oil :- It is widely used as a fragrance component as well as a perfect additive for soaps, creams and lotions.
Costus Root Oil :- It is used in cosmetics, soaps, massage oils, perfumes, body fragrances, air fresheners, diffusers, bath oils, etc.
Curry leaf Oil :- This oil helps skin maintain its natural pigmentation.
Cypress Oil :- This oil is an effective remedy against excessive perspiration and oily skin.
Cypriol Essential Oil :- This essential oil is widely used in soaps and perfumes.
Davan Oil :- This oil is used in perfume and cosmetic industries. Davan essential oil is used in creating creams for dry and rough skin.
Dehnul-Oud :- This oil having pleasant and enchanting aroma is used in branded perfumes and fragrance.
Earth Soil Attar :- It is used in perfumes and skin care products helpful in reducing extra oil on the skin, making skin supple and glowing naturally.
Evening Primrose :- This is particularly useful for mature skin and is sometimes useful for fighting skin infections, like cellulitis.
Fennel Oil :- This oil cleanses and tones skin, combat acne, detoxifies skin, fights wrinkles as well as sort out oil skin.
Fir Balsam Absolute :- This is used in perfumery, air fresheners, soaps, bath preparations and shaving creams.
Frankincense Essential Oil :- This oil is widely used in perfumery as well as skin care products helpful in reducing acne blemishes, preventing wrinkles, as well as lifting and tightening skin.
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