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Food commonly varies from culture to culture as well as place to place. Some eating cultures seem strange to us but quite normal to the eaters that mean that food may taste terrible to you, but might be a cuisine for the other. It may taste horrible to someone, but another one may just love the taste and flavor. We can simply say that cuisines are subjected to objectivity, preferences, individual tastes and cultures. With more and more introduction and exposure to people meeting from one another around the world, food from different cultures are becoming more suitable and many fusion cuisines are also coming. Inventive ideas of leading chefs are merging by combining different spices, oils etc. Hence today, a range of variety of dishes, desserts, soups salads, cocktails etc. can be found for every food lover.

Cooking with the use of essential oil is definitely a perfect way to add taste and fragrance to a range of foods. Furthermore, there is plethora of packaged foods offered today, where usage of the essential oil as a natural preservative to enhance their shelf life to years is very common. These oils are widely used for enhancing the quality with flavors of stews, sauces, salad dressings, soups, and even drinks etc. Our collection of essential oils is widely used in meat (both white and red), fish, marinades, sauces, vegetables, breads and desserts.

Several researches are conducted around the world to check the antimicrobial action of the essential oil in food product. Results recommend that the combination of varied essential oils in any food works synergistically. In addition, it is more effective in contrast to the single essential oil. These researches have also showed that the essential oils are very high on protein. They also contain low pH (acidic), low carbohydrate and low fat that also help enhancing the immune system.

Today, a vast number of different essential oils are highly demanded in the market especially in the food industries based across the globe. The variety of these essential oils includes the following:

Amyris Oil :- It also adds flavor especially in liqueurs
Bay Leaf :- It is the best to be used in stews, sauces, soups, and other food items
Cassia Oil :- It is widely used as a spice & flavoring agent in foods
Cranberry Seed Oil :- It is used for adding flavor
Cumin Seed Essential Oil :- It is used in a diversity of food products
Davan Oil :- It is used in the food industry for enhancing the flavor
Fennel Sweet :- It is largely used for adding flavors to the food.
Peppermint (Wintergreen) :- It is used to add flavor aromatic liquids
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