Aromatherapy & Perfumes :-

Perfume as well as aromatherapy is the most loved things by our senses. They are ideal to transform your emotions and heal bodies instantly. Aromatherapy is a curative art having roots in antiquity. Its roots are lying more than 6000 years ago, where ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Persians and Romans used it to burn the scented flowers and herbs for an enjoyable aromatic bath, massage as well as skin care for varied cosmetic and curative purposes.

Aromatherapy creates both psychological as well as physiological effects. It aids in relieving the stress and headache. It also ensures to bring sleep improvement, muscles relaxation, mood boosting, enhance immune system, etc. On the other hand, Perfumes are developed using varied synthesized chemicals. The perfume includes varied essential oils that are synthesized chemicals and representative of the constituents (chemicals) of different essential oils as well as other natural ingredients. Varied perfumes are widely used in aromatherapy sector owing to their fragrance. Their blend can create various therapeutic benefits also. But this is only done to add aroma not any therapeutic property.

Essential Oils are extensively used in aromatherapy as well as perfumery industry. Their natural healing property with relaxing and uplifting features make them an essential part of aromatherapy. They are widely used in candles, inhales, massage, bath, body perfume, facial, hair shampoo, etc. It is based on the essential oils to achieve gentle and nourishing effects on the body and brain. These aromatherapy oils are widely used on the skin to increase emotional well being. They are ideal to get a place in the domain of perfumes. The natural and appealing fragrance of these oils is ideal for boosting the mood and relaxation. The perfumes developed from the essential oils are absolutely natural. They are surely to make you feel confident, glamorous exotic, and utterly feminine.

There are a range of essential oils used in the perfumery as well as aromatherapy. The contemporary fragrances include synthetic molecules that are developed in laboratory Natural Attars. There are many examples of aromatherapy essential oils widely used in these two industries that are immensely rejuvenating.

Cypress and Bergamot is highly refreshing and uplifting. Clary Sage comes with a warming effect. The peppery herb Rosmarinus officinalis is ideal to uplifts the senses; whereas Chamomile is very soothing and relaxing. Eucalyptus is used in aromatherapy for balancing as well as stimulating properties. Fennela has a clearing effect with sweet and an earthy smell. Frankincense is ideal to be used for uplifting as well as relaxing effects with its sweet, warm scent. Rosemary is relaxing with a warm, floral scent, hence widely used in the sector of perfumes. Geranium has comforting with healing effects owing to floral, sweet as well as earthy scent ideal for uplifting moods. These aromatherapy oils are very relaxing and refreshing used in aromatherapy as well as perfumery. They are ideal to rejuvenate your senses and bringing positive effects on your mind as well as body.

Avocado Oil :- Blends of this oil are very helpful when treating sun, chemical or climate damaged skin.
Coconut Oil :- It is a magnificent oil to be used owing to its natural dispersant properties making you able to combine varied essential oils and generate luxurious bath oils using no chemicals.
Cucumber Oil :- Cucumber oil is widely used in a variety of cosmetic applications for its nutritive, cooling, and soothing properties. It plays a very important function in hair care, skin care, and nail creams.
Sweet Almond Carrier Oil :- Almond oil is the foundation of therapists globally. It is widely utilized in cosmetics, body and massage products.
Wheatgerm Carrier Oil :- Wheatgerm oil is ideal for adding in massage oil or for developing carrier blends.
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