Religious Products:-

India is the ground of diversity various religions as well as cultures, where religion still holds very great importance. Essential oils are sourced from the different parts of plants employing different extraction methods, hence are unadulterated & pure in nature. Consequently, in very old era, a variety of essential oils was used in different rituals and religious ceremonies for the purification purposes and for manufacturing different religious products. Thus custom of using essential oils in the religious products traces back to ages.

In the religious scriptures, it has been described that every fragrance comes with a different spiritual meaning. It aids in developing a link between God and Humans that assist in getting rid of the negative emotions as well as maintaining the religiously balance mood. Furthermore, they are also used for meditation purposes and concentrating the mind on God.

Essential oils are widely used in a variety of religious products such as dhoop sticks, incense sticks and hawan samagri that are widely used by spiritual people for worshiping their beloved God. In addition, it is used for generating pure ambiance and room fragrance. The religious products industry has experienced unmatched growth by continuously increasing the materialism. Following essential oils are used in spiritual products:

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Atlas Cedar :- It is widely used in treating ailments such as Bronchitis, Acne, and Cellulite Reduction.
Basil Oil :- It is widely used for inhalation, baths and massages.
Bergamot Oil :- This oil is used as an ingredient for Stress, Fear, Intestinal Parasites, Nervous Eczema, Anxiety, Depression as well as Tension.
Cypriol Oil :- Incense sticks
Jasmine Oil :- Jasmine oil aids in enhancing the quality of the body and take care of this greasy, dry, irritated as well as sensitive skin.
Lavender Oil :- This oil is ideal for halitosis, laryngitis, treating asthma, colds, throat infections as well as whooping cough.
Lemon Oil :- It aids in soothing and relieving headaches and migraines. It is also very helpful for managing rheumatism and arthritis.
Lotus Oil :- Its excellent therapeutic as well as stimulant properties ensures to increase fertility, sexuality, and longevity.
Rose Oil :- The Rose Oil is widely used in the perfumery as well as cosmetics industry owing to innate fragrance with beautifying properties.
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