Solvent extraction process :-

To extract a component from either a liquid or a solid, we basically make the use Solvent extraction process. The sample made is produced with a solvent that has the capability to dissolve the solutes of interest. This process of Solvent extraction is extensively brought into practice in the commercial sectors that also includes the chemical industries and biochemical industries as well. Recognized as one of the most productive process of distinguishing the valuable products from their prior raw form or complex feed stocks or reaction products. Moreover, it also includes few of the extraction techniques which manages partition between two immiscible liquids. The others being involve either continuous extractions or batch extractions as per accordance . With concerns regarding the environment, various common liquid or the liquid processes have been changed to make the use of benign solvents orare made to move further to more frugal processes which is called solid phase extraction. The extracted solvent can be in a form of vapor, super critical fluid, or liquid whereas on the other hand, a sample can be solid, liquid or gas. To extract solvents, there are a number of many techniques that can be efficiently used. The comprehensive information regarding this process can be found in Organic Vogel, Perry, and also in most textbooks based on unit operations.

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