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10 Must Know Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oils

10 Must Know Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oils

How would it feel to have a calming essence with a tinge of freshness all around you after stepping in your house? If I were you, I would just get lost in that trance and relax myself all day. And, yes, this is exactly what grapefruit oil does to the person who smells its fresh aroma. Grapefruit oil possesses rejuvenating and refreshing aroma along with many other benefits. Let's discuss them by answering the following questions:

What is Grapefruit and how is Grapefruit Oil Extracted?
What benefits can one avail by using Grapefruit Oil?

About Grapefruit Oil and Its Extraction
Grapefruit is a hybrid of sweet orange and pomelo; that was originally grown in Asia. The fruit got its name from the way that it also grows hanging in clusters on trees similar to a bunch of grapes. Grapefruit oil is extracted using a cold pressed method from its rind and has a citrus but sweet aroma.

10 Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil
The reasons that make anyone go mad about Grapefruit Essential Oil are its amazing benefits and we have listed its ten most popular benefits below for you to know:

  • 1. Promotes Weight Loss:
    Add a drop of red grapefruit oil to water throughout the room for a quick way to enhance metabolism.
  • 2. Reduce cravings:
    Inhaling grapefruit oil before meal can help minimize sugar cravings.
  • 3. Heals mind and body:
    Used in aromatherapy, as its calming essence helps in soothing body and mind.
  • 4. Anti-microbial properties:
    Exhibits anti-bacterial properties against the bacteria that cannot be killed by dose of anti-biotic.
  • 5. Manage anxiety:
    When combined with other essential oils, can manage anxiety.
  • 6. Treats depression:
    Depression can also be easily managed as this oil triggers brain for producing mood uplifting hormones.
  • 7. Helps burn fat:
    Combine it with other essential oils and have a whole body massage regularly to burn down that extra cellulite.
  • 8. Stimulates immune system:
    Enriched with anti-oxidants, it boosts the immunity.
  • 9. Enhances blood circulation:
    Massaging grapefruit oil gives relief from all the cramps.
  • 10. Wonderful hair tonic:
    Massaging grapefruit oil with hair oil strengthens the hair roots, making hair stronger.


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