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3 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Pine Essential Oil

3 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Pine Essential Oil

An integral part of Greek civilizations, Pine Essential Oil is one of the oldest essential oil known to mankind. To this day, it is used for a long list of reasons by people across the globe. It is famed for its mesmerizing distinct aroma worldwide.

The Many Products of Pine
Before getting to know about the usage of Pine Essential Oil, one needs to understands its origins. This essential oil is sourced from the pine trees that are famously known as Christmas trees across the globe. This species of tree just not gift us with aromatic Pine Essential Oil but also provide us with numerous other products such as furniture, pulps, tar, turpentine and many more.

The Beauty of Pine Essential Oil
The Pine Essential Oil is obtained from the needles of a healthy pine tree through steam distillation process. It can also be distilled from the bark of the tree. The beauty of this oil is that it blends perfectly with a huge variety of other essential oils like cedarwood, rosemary & lavender. Pine Essential Oil is considered one of the safest essential oil in the world owing to its low toxic content. The refreshing organic fragrance of this essential oils also makes it famous.

3 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Pine Essential Oil

Mentioning all of its uses will be hard, so here we are going to focus on only 3 Amazing Uses of Pine Essential Oil along with describing its benefits.

It Is A Natural Pain Reliever

  • The analgesic properties of Pine Essential Oil provides helps in providing relief against pain to the users.
  • The anti-inflammatory constituent of this oil prevents inflammation due to arthritis & rheumatic conditions.
  • The soothing properties of essential oils reduces irritation in joints, swelling in sores and headaches.
It Is A Home & Health Freshener

  • The Pine Essential Oil is an organic deodorizer which make the users' space smell nicer.
  • The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of this oil helps in killing germs and microbes that causes bad odor.
  • The essential oil kills off cold & flu germs, viruses and bacteria
  • The oil is used as a carpet, floor, mirror, pots, pans and stinky garbage can cleaner.
It Is A Supreme Skin Care Solution

  • The 3 Amazing Uses of Pine Essential Oil includes its usage as a skin healer that cures dry and itchy skin.
  • The healing properties of Pine Essential Oil provides relief from skin irritation, athlete's foot, boils, acne and psoriasis.
  • The antioxidant properties of this essential oil help users' in fighting off free radicals present in the skin cells that cause wrinkles & lines.

In addition to aforementioned 3 Amazing Uses of Pine Essential Oil, you can also mix it with other carrier oils for many other applications. It can be chosen to be used with a nebulizing essential oil diffuser. The diffusers sprays a balanced quantity of oil to the space and with the help of oil's fragrance creates a soothing effect.


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