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Are Essential Oils Safe? 12 Things to Know Before Use

Are Essential Oils Safe? 12 Things to Know Before Use

Essential Oils are prepared from the extracts of different plants. They are commonly used as alternative medicines which are effective for aromatherapy. From skin allergies to anxiety, essential oils are greatly preferred by people all over the world. But it is also generally observed that people never consult dermatologists or other medical professionals before using them. Have you ever given a thought that there must by some specific amount, duration and ways to use essential oils.

We have raised this question that Are Essential Oils Safe? Now we are going to update you about 12 Things to Know Before Use, which are:

  • 1. Dermatologists have suggested not to use Essential oils without diluting them. Non-diluted oils can cause severe itching and sensitivity.
  • 2. Some Essential oils are Phototoxic and can cause burning sensation. Always use oil on a small area and do patch test before using.
  • 3. All kinds of Essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They can severely interfere in baby’s vitro development.
  • 4. Always consult a doctor before using Essential Oils if you are suffering from Asthma and Epilepsy. They can be allergic for such patients.
  • 5. Essential Oil are very concentrated and should be used in exact amount suggested by doctors or written on the bottle sticker/safety catalog.
  • 6. Always check the expiry date of Essential Oils. They oxidize with time and become hazardously sensitive. Also, never use them if they were stored improperly as well as check the seals.
  • 7. Essential Oils are not to be used on or near areas like genitals, nose, mouth, eyes and ears. This may cause severe burning of these areas as well as bad allergies.
  • 8. Never leave the Essential Oil mixed with water and always make them diluted before adding to the bathing water. There is a higher risk of sensitization of you do this.
  • 9. Always read the dilution ratio properly while using Essential Oils for children.
  • 10. Some Essential Oils like Citrus Oils smell yummy. Keep them away from the reach of children because consuming some of the oils can be life threatening for them.
  • 11. Same essential Oils that we use for ourselves are not safe for cats, birds, dogs, horses and other pets. Such oils can cause itching as well as can make the animals use their hairs or feathers.
  • 12. As Essential Oils are greatly congested, they should not be ingested without the advice of expert practitioner. This can cause Diarrhea, Cholera and other problems.


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