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Beginners Guide to Buy Essential Oils

Beginners Guide to Buy Essential Oils

Plants bestowed by the nature is by far the most valuable and fruitful gift given to the mankind. Human beings have found usefulness of plants and herbs in the treatment or prevention of many diseases. Aromatic plants and plant parts (bark, fruit, leaf, flower, seed and root) are being used for ages to produce Volatile oils steam distillation or hydro-steam distillation method. Essential Oils are considered Divine blessings by god, because the oils extracted from plants aid in improving physical, mental and emotional health. As natural medicine, air detoxifier, natural mosquito repellent to home cleaning, beauty care and recreation, these oils have always found their worth. Everyone must have the most common essential oils in their beauty care cabinet as well as natural medicine cabinet.

If have ever used any of the essential oils available in the market, then you must be aware of their benefits. But, if you are a novice in the field, then here is your guide to buy essential oils.

Let's start by their production process, the oils are extracted directly from plant or tree parts. In the distillation process, a plant's water based compounds and oil are separated by steaming. The highly concentrated essential oil produced reserves the powerful healing compounds of the plant. Only a drop of oil is enough to do the trick. The oil is the powerhouse of all benefits a plant has to offer, this saying can be understood by the fact that around 30 kgs of rose petals are used for the production of a single 15ml bottle of rose essential oil.

There are many companies, both new to age-old, dealing in Essential Oils. The companies that deal in pure essential oils, would produce them only from a large amount of plants material and would ultimately sell the oil at higher prices. While, the companies that claim to sell pure essential oils at low prices, would definitely be altering the oils with other oils.

All the brands claim their essential oils to the best in the market. As you all, I was too confused in the beginning to which brand I must pick. In my quest to find essential oils for all aspects, like beauty care, cleaning, medical and emotional, I began to search in deep. The three questions I stressed upon were:

  • Is the company certified by a governing body?
  • Does the company grades the essential oils based upon their quality?
  • Does the company has its own a registered trademark?
In the convoluted process of selecting the best brand, I read their oil labels, checked the suppliers, and their practices.

I had been using the oils from India Aroma Oils And Company for quite a while. Their Floral Absolutes Oils I used were lavender, orange blossom, rose, and mogra, and they smelled like the finest flower fragrances I had ever smelled. The company sells great smelling Natural Essential Oils for decent prices. This company offers Therapeutic Grade, Wild Crafted Essential Oils and Certified Organic Essential Oils, only after organoleptic assessment, visual evaluation, testing of specific gravity, optical rotation, refractive index, flash point, and solubility.

Make good use of the information I shared and go searching for yourself. You can also test out the India Aroma Oils And Company essential oils, which have become my go-to every time.


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