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Get Healthy, Spotless, Glowing and Younger Skin with Helichrysum Oil

Get Healthy, Spotless, Glowing and Younger Skin with Helichrysum Oil

Have you ever heard or read about the helichrysum plant? It belongs to the family of sunflower and has the similar resemblance. Helichrysum includes 600 species of flowers, of which some are annual and some are perennial; but all of these are colorful and an ideal choice to brighten up a bouquet. This flower has been in usage since time immemorial to obtain its essential oil that is also known by the name immortelle and everlasting.

Helichrysum Oil, Its

The member of sunflower family, Helichrysum is considered to be one of the most miraculous flower. When crushed, the flowers of Helichrysum releases distinct, earthy and curry like aroma. The similar grounding, soothing and refreshing aroma can be felt from the Helichrysum Oil that is obtained from the cold press distillation method.

Why Helichrysum Flower is given the name immortelle or everlasting?

The names immortelle and everlasting comes from the reputation of Helichrysum flower to preserve its bright color even when it is dried.

Healing properties of Helichrysum Oil

When it comes to listing essential oils for skincare, nothing stands against the effectiveness of Helichrysum Oil due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. Enriched with regenerative compounds, the mentioned oil helps in the promotion of healthy skin cell growth. In aromatherapy, this oil is used to sooth the emotional wounds and render feeling of relaxation. Apart from this, its anti-biotic properties improves digestion and relieves muscle stress.

Let's Have A Look At Benefits of Helichrysum Oil for Skincare

Helichrysum Oil is best for the people with oily skin. The presence of diketones ensures the reduction of appearance of age spots and treats discoloration. Moreover, it is touted as an ideal addition to skin care routine for the people with sensitive skin.
It is not only beneficial for young and adults, but is also recommended for children.
Its amazing moisturizing properties, prevents dryness and, therefore, is perfect to be used even in the harsh winter conditions.
The anti-aging properties makes skin look more firm, radiant and youthful.
Keeping these benefits in view, many models and celebrities from around the world have been using helichrysum oil as a part of their skin care regime.

Try It!

With countless properties in single oil, Helichrysum Oil is gaining popularity in many cosmetic and beauty stores. And, even we encourage you try it and experience the difference yourself. Add this into your self-care and skincare regime to get that radiating glow. When you each time apply this oil, do not forget to gratitude for what Mother Nature has rendered us to rejuvenate the skin and get that glow of golden sun.


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