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Incredible Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

Incredible Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

Have you ever smelled or felt refreshing, soothing and fresh scent of flowers and herbs? If no, then you still have not experienced the power of essential oils. Not only responsible for rendering mesmerizing aroma, but for nutritional compounds these possess, essential oils have been finding usage for both spiritual and medicinal purposes since time immemorial.

Juniper and Its Extraction
From among different essential oils that are known today in the world, one is Juniper Essential Oil that brings with it a number of health benefits. Extracted from the berries of Juniper tree (botanically known as Juniperus communis) using steam distillation process, the mentioned oil that can be availed in its absolutely highly concentrated form to be used for innumerable purposes. Clear in color, it has very thin consistency that makes it flow smoothly.

The Unmistakable Scent and Flavor of Juniper Essential Oil
Widely known for its distinctive aroma that is a combination of spicy, sweet and woody, Juniper Essential Oil is easy to blend with other wood oils like rosewood, sandalwood and cedarwood. Alike to the scent of balsamic vinegar, this oil renders a fresh aroma that can be easily identified. Responsible for rendering gin its distinctive flavor, it is also considered a derivative of word of 'gin'.

Incredible Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper Essential Oil is not only great for preparing delectable drinks; its usage in the medicinal field has been observed for ages. The best and scientifically proven ways for availing the benefit of this oil are cited below:

  • As an air purifier: Being a major player in the detox game, it had never been an uncommon ingredient for the clinics and hospitals for keeping infections and bacteria at bay by purifying the air when burnt.
  • As natural remedy to all skin problems: When applied directly to the skin, helps in healing rashes, acne, stretch marks, depigmentation and other imperfections due to its anti-bacterial properties.
  • Excessive Stomach Trouble: Indigestion, headache and chest pain caused due to trapped gas inside the intestines can be easily removed using Juniper Essential Oil; as it maintains acidic balance in the stomach.
  • Water Retention: Helpful in flushing out all the excess fluids from the body for promoting urination resulting in detoxification and weight loss.
  • Signs of Insomnia: When diffused with rosewood or sandalwood essential oil, the mentioned oil promotes feelings while minimizing anxiety.
Safety Issues

Although, essential oils are considered safe to be used by people of all age groups; however, these may cause serious health issues if not used as per the instructions. In order to avail the maximum benefit of this oil, test it or ask your doctor.


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