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Miraculous Benefits of Sandalwood Oil for Skin Whitening, Lightening with Clear Skin

Miraculous Benefits of Sandalwood Oil for Skin Whitening, Lightening with Clear Skin

Healthy skin is majorly the result of right eating! Right eating surely contributes 60% in making the skin look flawless but the left 40% contribution is made by products that one uses while caring for the skin.

Talking of skin care, age-old traditions that our grandparents followed in the age where chemicals were kept at a distant to meet the best skincare needs, included Chandan. Chandan as it is said in India, is the best solution for all to get flawless skin.

Described as a natural healer in Ayurveda, Chandan or Sandalwood is well-respected to finds its place of dignity in both skin care essentials and religious rituals. Though in the latter, it is applied only on the forehead as a divine mark but in the former is it is applied on the body in a variety of forms like paste, powder and oil.

Sandalwood oil seems to have made its irreplaceable place even in the modern era by possessing following properties, which gives every skin, a natural glow that everyone craves for:-

Lightening Properties- Sandalwood oil has many natural skin lightening agents, which contributes in lightening the color of the skin. It is because of this property that this essential oil finds use in fairness packs and creams.

Anti-inflammatory Properties- Sandalwood oil provides relieving and cooling effect when applied on the skin, giving the user required peace of mind in only a few seconds.

Antiseptic Properties- A reliable antiseptic, sandalwood oil is the best to apply externally and internally. It protect sores, acne and similar skin conditions from getting infection.

Emollient Properties- This oil impressively relieves inflammation, soothes skin, gives cooling effect, reduced irritation and cures infections on skin.

Deodorizing Properties- This oil best at making every skin odor free. The aroma of this soothing oil calms mind, reduces stress level and aids in meditation.

Astringent Properties- This wonderful essential oil makes the skin tighter, helping the user get wrinkle-free skin.

Flawless has gone to an impressive level with sandalwood oil as it cures skin, gets rid of inflammation, prevents itching, reduces acne and prevents ageing. Most importantly, this oil makes every skin free from dark spots, patches, dark circles, dullness, dryness, sun tan and blemishes.

A Word of Caution: Do not apply sandalwood oil raw on the skin. Mix it with ingredients like honey and gram flour/chick pea flour.


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