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Organic Vs. Non-Organic Essential Oils

Organic Vs. Non-Organic Essential Oils

Organic or In-organic -Is there any difference?

Navigating different online sites just to have that click of assurance that what you are using is organic or inorganic? If answer to this seemingly frequently asked question is yes then worry not because with my research and experience of dealing with such queries, I can be surely of some help to you. First of all, take a deep breathe and ponder for a while that does it really matters to you that the products you are using, be it anything say- body care products like Essential Oils are naturally processed or not? While purchasing things, apart from checking manufacturing and expiry labels, do you seriously take notice of organic and in-organic? If yes, then you are on right path because the tag on product of it being organic and in-organic does make a difference in times when health status of people in India is decreasing in numbers. Naturally processed things are anytime better over conventional chemically produced materials. There are many companies which are selling essential oils online in India. They do say and try to make people believe over their purity of essential oils but does that verbal confession is enough? Have a look below and measure purity of oils on the basis of true facts.

What To Pick- Organic Or Non-Organic Essential Oils

One of the most bizarre incidents of my life happened yesterday when I came across a lady at a grocery store passing to my lane, insanely yelling at the shopkeeper for keeping on shelf bottles of Non essential oils. She was mad at him for luring people towards chemically produced items which are slightly less in price than organic ones, kept on the same shelve at a certain distance. Seeing her creating freaking scene over this issue of organic and in-organic, instantly a thought passed through my over thinking head 'Do really most of people pay attention to this? If yes, then are they aware of actual facts based on which they can title a certain product organic and in-organic? Putting stop to such puzzled queries, I decided to let people know through my blog, a clear picture of difference between organic Vs In-organic with major product taking in mind Essential Oils.

1.Amongst many factors, the quality of a plant from where these essential oils are extracted is significant. Plants grown using organic farming methods are just the best to be utilized in production process of essential oils. The use of pure herbal extracts of naturally grown plants makes organic essential oils perfect choice to be used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In comparison to this, Non-Organic Essential Oils are not completely free from residues and are produced used chemical substances.

2. Since Non-Organic essential oils contain presence of chemical, their long usage over skin and human body can be harmful. I'm not saying, they will degrade human health majorly but yes, their production process has been done in such a way like the extraction process from plants(grown out of conventional farming practices, use of pesticides & chemical fertilizers) makes them less worthy investment. In comparison to chemical based essential oils, the question of doubt over extraction process of organic oils completely eliminates as their very initial name 'Organic' denotes their purity and natural essence.


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