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Top 10 Health Benefits & Uses of Lemon Essential Oils

We all are aware to this juicy berry fruit called lemon and many of us use it on daily basis in our life. Enriched with vitamin C and several other antioxidants and depigmentation properties, this fruit is cherished by all since time immemorial. With the changing lifestyle, people find is hard to buy a lemon and use it directly. The tingling sensation helped people introduce lemon essential oil to the world as an excellent substitute to the lemon fruit. In order to know about the Lemon Oil, let's go through the answers of following questions:

What is Lemon Essential Oil?
Does Lemon Essential Oil Blends With Other Oils?
What are the benefits and Uses of Lemon Essential Oil?

Answers to the above questions are as follows:

About Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil belongs to the category of cold pressed oils that is obtained from the lemon rinds, therefore, rendering it a fruity and refreshing aroma. Pale yellow in color, it is incredibly diverse in nature and possesses many therapeutically properties.

Blending Property of Lemon Essential Oil
Being diverse in nature, the offered oil blends well with many other oils, ranging from rose oil to geranium oil, lavender oil to peppermint oil, tea tree oil to sandalwood oil and more. Its excellent blending properties, makes Lemon Essential Oil the best oil for aromatherapy.

Benefits and Uses of Lemon Essential Oil
Although, there are endless uses and benefits of lemon essential oil, but we, here, are discussing top ten of those:

  • 1. Treats Asthma:
    Inhaling the scent of lemon essential oil helps in unclogging sinuses, therefore, resulting in improved airflow.
  • 2. Skin Care:
    Bring back the youthful glow to the dull looking skin by adding few drops to your pack or scrub.
  • 3. Boosts Immunity:
    Inhaling lemon oil makes it a great option for boosting immunity due to its high vitamin C content.
  • 4. Regulates Sleep:
    Add few drops into diffuser and ensure a good night sleep.
  • 5. Alleviates Stress:
    An ideal choice for alleviating mental fatigue, dizziness, nervousness, etc., when added to diffuser.
  • 6. Treats Stomach Issues:
    By adding three drops of this oil to water treats indigestion and upset stomach.
  • 7. Soothing Action:
    Soothes dry weather conditions, if little is applied to affected area.
  • 8. Candida Infection:
    Natural remedy for yeast infections.
  • 9. Fever Reduction:
    effective against malaria and fever.
  • 10. Promotes Weight Loss:
    Intake few drops regularly and feel inch and weight loss.


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