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Top 15 Benefits & Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Top 15 Benefits & Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

I'm sure like many people you might have also heard about Lavender Essential Oil; but are still unaware of the benefits it renders. If you are among those people who want to give a try to this lavish lavender oil, but want to know its benefits and uses before making a purchase; then you are on the right page. Keep on reading this blog to get the answers of the following questions that surely would have struck your mind, as well:

What is Lavender Essential Oil and How Is It Extracted?
What are the Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil?
How Can You Use Lavender Essential Oil?

Knowing Lavender Essential Oil
Just like any other oil, Lavender Essential Oil is also extracted from the flower of Lavender shrubs. But what makes it essential is the therapeutic properties it holds within. Extracted from the fresh flowering top of Lavandula augustifolia plant using the steam distillation method, the mentioned oil is lavish in all the aspects; be it aroma or the color. Although, watery and clear in color, it renders beautiful and fresh aroma that makes a person healthy from inside-out.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil
Never get fooled by the clear watery color of this oil, it possesses properties that can heal you emotionally, mentally and physically. Listed below are top 15 benefits that one can avail from this oil:

  • 1. Bruises:
    The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties eases the pain.
  • 2. Bug Bites:
    Being anti-septic in nature, it serves as an ideal choice to minimize swelling and itching cause the bite or sting of any insect or bug.
  • 3. Menstrual Cramps:
    Its therapeutic properties reduces the pain caused during menstruation.
  • 4. Muscle Aches:
    Does wonders by reducing the muscle-ache causing in body part.
  • 5. Ear Ache:
    Pain caused in ear due to traveling in flights or entrance of water while bathing can be reduced.
  • 6. Stress:
    Because of its harmonizing properties, it calms the mind.
  • 7. Sunburns:
    Sunburns caused on skin due to excessive working in sun can be easily treated using Lavender Essential Oil.
  • 8. Burns:
    Recommended by many aromatherapists to minimize the stinging sensation caused by any burn.
  • 9. Headache:
    Its sedative effect can treat headache.
  • 10. Sanitizer:
    Disinfects the walls and floors.
  • 11. Depression:
    Considered as a restorative herb for rendering calming effects.
  • 12. Insomnia:
    By reducing the stress level, it treats the insomnia.
  • 13. Respiratory Issues:
    Treats bronchitis and asthma with steam inhalation.
  • 14. Room Freshener:
    Eliminates foul smell.
  • 15. Acne:
    Works well on acne and its spots.
Uses of Lavender Essential Oil
The mentioned oil can be used in any of the following ways to achieve the desired results:

  • Add a satchel to drawer to minimize foul smell.
  • Add two to three droplets into for steam inhalation.
  • Add few drops into diffuser to serve as a room freshener.
  • Spray either on pillow or face to enjoy peaceful sleep.
  • Spray a little on affected area to treat sunburn.
It is because of these aforesaid benefits that Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most beloved essential oils in the aromatherapy and aromatic today around the globe. So buy one today from India Aroma Oils.


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