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5 Essential Oils for Your Spiritual Awakening

5 Essential Oils for Your Spiritual Awakening

Essential oils are used in several areas from making cosmetic & skin care products to spa treatment and aromatherapy. But, have you ever heard that Essential Oils can help you in the Spiritual Awakening? Yes! You heard it right; essential oils due to their several properties have the potential to promote spiritual growth. These oils eradicate negative energies and thereby create space for spiritual growth. Use of essential oils create balance and promote a feeling of grounding. Further, when there’s no negativity left in mind and balancing is in place, you will experience spiritual growth and enlightenment around yourself.

Below, we are citing down 5 Essential Oils that you can use for Your Spiritual Awakening:

Rosemary Essential Oil- This oil stimulates as well as uplifts aroma and hence promotes enlightenment.

Cedarwood Essential Oil- Made with care, this oil of cedarwood is considered good for its use in removing blockages from your aura&energetic body. The oil detoxifies negative thoughts, fears, worriesand anxieties. It heals the present, cleanses your space and purifies spirit.

YlangYlang Essential Oil- For having the right balance and feeling of grounding, use of this oil is recommended the most as it relieves worries, stress, anxietiesand sadness.

Peppermint Essential Oil- If you are looking for an essential oil which can help you in enhancing focus and gives relaxing affects, you should buy this one. It enhances the alertness/ focus level, stimulates the senses and improves stamina.

Lavender Essential Oil- Famous for its properties of calming, soothing and relaxing the mind, the oil of lavender flower aids in getting into deeper states while practicing meditation. The pure and natural oil also promotes balance and helps in making a connection to the divine.

Now, many people ask us ways of using essential oils to have spiritual growth? This is a common question asked by many. Answer to this is that there are many ways with which you can use these oils for spiritual growth, some of the most famous & easier methods are:

  • Diffuse the oils in a diffuser.
  • Put them in a roller and then rub on the bottoms of your feet.
  • Rub them on your hands and then take a deep fragrance of them.


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